Henan Shangan group was established on July 5, 2018. It has many professional subsidiaries, such as Henan xinyiyuan Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Hanan junzhili Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd., Henan Huangding building materials Co., Ltd. its business scope has covered fine decoration construction management, interior design, decoration, soft decoration, cost consulting, hotel management and other fields, specializing in medium and high-end Decoration project of star hotel. Adhering to the concept of "quality first, reputation first", we are committed to becoming the "benchmark of global hotel preparation organization". Up to now, the company has been able to provide customers with a full range of personalized one-stop quality services, which has won unanimous praise in the hotel construction and decoration industry.

On the difference between hard and soft decoration in hotel design of Henan Shangan group

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[Shangan will be selected for hotel preparation] Shangan! Honest brand, professional technology, strong executive power, continuous innovation, assured after-sales service



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Shangan people positioning: Hotel preparation Shangan people's mission: let people sleep in a natural wake-up home during the journey Vision of Shangan people: to become the benchmark of global hotel preparation organization Vision of Shangan people: to become the benchmark of global hotel preparation organization values of Shangan people: integrity, professionalism, execution, innovation, after-sales Shangan people's team vow: to build a brand with integrity and create brilliance with precision Business philosophy: take your business as my business