How to control the cost of hotel renovation?

Number of Tours : 1913   Release time : 2021-10-29
The cost control of hotel reconstruction has always been a big problem perplexing the owner and the design and construction party. Many uncertain factors such as the lack of original drawings and the inability to perfectly support concealed works are easy to lead to the continuous adjustment of design schemes in the construction process, resulting in some inevitable waste. The transformation of the hotel itself is a link between the past and the future. We should not only preserve the old stories and culture of the original hotel, but also inject new connotation, so that it can serve the experience needs of tourists in the new era with a new look. Before the transformation, fully consider the uncertain factors, carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the hotel, control the input cost not only in line with the reality, but also have a long-term vision, and avoid the huge impact and loss brought by the blind transformation to the hotel. Before the transformation, conduct sufficient market research and feasibility analysis to determine the direction of comprehensive transformation or partial bid section transformation of the Bureau as soon as possible. Formulate a reasonable construction period plan to avoid transformation waste and construction period delay. In short, hotel transformation is more challenging than building a new hotel. Designers need to have rich hotel design experience and have deep control over project cost and construction technology. For more details, Henan Shangan Decoration Engineering Management Group Co., Ltd., hotel preparation, hotel design, hotel decoration, Shangan group: