Reasonable application of lighting design in hotel decoration

Number of Tours : 918   Release time : 2022-01-17
Lighting design is the top priority of hotel decoration. Its function is not only to render the space atmosphere, but also to make up for the deficiencies in hotel design and bring people visual comfort and psychological relaxation. You know, the brightness and color of light play a decisive role in creating the atmosphere. Different indoor environments and atmospheres are expressed by means of different light color changes, It can also be used to express different periods of the same space, so as to set off different atmospheres. About the lighting application of hotel decoration: 1. What can not be ignored in the space design of lighting is the importance of lighting. Modern people have higher and higher requirements for the hotel environment. While meeting the basic needs, the pursuit of consumer experience is the deep requirement of consumers for a hotel at present. 2. Light differentiation to distinguish the brightness of space light can not only create an atmosphere, but also become a better choice for space design to save space cost. After the transformation of designers, many hotels with relatively narrow actual area have doubled the space visually, which actually makes use of the light effect of the combination of virtual and real, Creating a lighting design with greater visual effect than a specific space is a model of using light. In its space design, consumers can easily distinguish between areas with rest and walkways. Subconsciously, consumers will go to the overall moving line according to the guidance of light, making the overall moving line of the hotel smooth and clear, which is the magic of light. 3. Some lighting highlights local artistic effects. Some hotels will install small spotlights on the walls to highlight some characteristic ornaments or decorations and create a mysterious high-level sense. Such space design is to embellish and supplement the insipidity and deficiency of local lighting through the light color change and light and shade change of lights, Decorate the space with lamps with specific shapes or colors. 4. The lights should be matched with the facilities. The hotel can make use of the sunlight passing through the large windows, so as to reduce the electricity bill and make customers feel like enjoying on the terrace. Generally speaking, it costs 12-15% of the annual budget on lighting, so that consumers can enjoy a leisurely or romantic accommodation experience. Light can be used to adjust and guide the spatial order, weaken the places that do not want to be noticed, and reflect the primary and secondary of space. By strengthening the contrast between light and shade, highlighting the key points of the space, and showing the details of space materials to form an eye-catching visual center, the hotel lighting design is no longer a simple lighting, and gradually gets rid of the simple design idea that the space lighting design is only limited to visual function and pursues brightness, so as to meet the different requirements of different people in different places for lighting, Achieve the humanization of indoor lighting. For more details, Henan Shangan Decoration Engineering Management Group Co., Ltd., hotel preparation, hotel design, hotel decoration, Shangan group