Analysis of hotel decoration industry

Number of Tours : 1250   Release time : 2022-03-26
With the improvement of architectural skills and the renewal of design concepts, great changes are taking place in the design and construction of hotels, especially high-star hotels. From simply meeting the simple social needs in the past to pursuing more breakthroughs in design and construction. The hotel decoration industry pays more attention to details and quality. Famous brand hotel projects have become a hot pastry in the decoration industry. Many decoration enterprises value the market segmentation of famous brand hotel projects, not only for the profit of enterprises, but also because undertaking high-end projects can improve the competitiveness of decoration enterprises. In the highly competitive market environment, this is an important shortcut to success; The brand influence of well-known hotels is stronger, and successful engineering projects are easier to improve the market image and position of decoration enterprises; The chain star hotel project is conducive to circular operation. In the future, when the project is renovated or newly built in different places, those who have good cooperation experience have the greatest chance of winning the bid. Henan Shangan Decoration Management Group Co., Ltd., strategically positioned in the field of hotel decoration, has made decisions on Vienna Hotel and kairiade hotel under Vienna group; Xi'an Hotel and Feifan hotel under Botao group; Shangmei group's shangkeyou chain hotel, premium hotel, lanou Hotel and other brand hotel excellent projects, while sharing a huge brand spillover effect. General manager Chen Yijun said that the bidding methods of brand hotel project and general project have many different models. Brand enterprises pay more attention to the bidder's process production level, management ability and honest performance of both parties. There are few human intervention factors, high integrity, and more emphasis on contract agreement and performance. Decoration enterprises should reasonably assess risks. Although undertaking international star hotel projects is a matter of "fame and wealth", blind expansion and contracting projects regardless of the actual situation make decoration enterprises fall into passivity. When implementing the operation, choose the gradual expansion mode. In this way, it is helpful for enterprises to accumulate experience and lessons in the process of resisting risks, so as to have a deeper understanding of the overall environment of the target market, so as to effectively control development risks. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, decoration enterprises should pay special attention to the communication with hotel management companies. Respecting the opinions of the hotel management company plays an important role in the successful completion of the hotel project. Cake decoration enterprises in the hotel market should be prepared first. Today, Chinese enterprises have stridden out of the increasingly narrow local market. In order to gain a place in the market, especially in hotel projects, behind the brave ambition, they also need to grasp the key to expanding the market with a clear mind. Chen Yijun, general manager of Henan Shangan Decoration Management Group Co., Ltd., believes that at present, the level of high-end designers of junzhili company is generally higher than that of ordinary designers because they have relatively broad ideas, wide understanding and flexible grasp and application of new materials. If Chinese enterprises want to win market advantages, they must first build core competitiveness, change the extensive management mode and improve the quality of human resources. At present, the theme hotel has begun to flourish, the hotel design is more affectionate and personalized, and the operation also reflects the concept of "people-oriented". Therefore, it is necessary to carry out necessary improvement and innovation from the aspects of hotel design, construction and intelligence, so as to make the hotel closer to and integrate the humanization of home style. This requires us to have a special team to conduct comprehensive analysis and evaluation from the investor's mentality, project address and environment, living customs, hotel theme and other aspects, increase and pay attention to the design and research of soft decoration, and strive to form a joint R & D pattern within the enterprise in terms of Humanities, ecology, intelligence and so on. Although construction enterprises have labor-intensive characteristics, they must break through the talent bottleneck in order to gallop the higher-end market. With the improvement of business scale and project complexity, management means adapted to the international engineering market should be adopted to eliminate the disadvantages of extensive management. We should form a scientific and standardized management system through human resource management, contract claim management, material system management and risk management; Through the systematic integration of project related resources and the rational use of project management technology and equipment, we will continue to keep up with the international management level.