Three principles of guest room decoration design!

Number of Tours : 1253   Release time : 2020-05-22
Hotel guest room is the place where the guests stay for the longest time in the hotel. The quality of its decoration design directly affects the efficiency and service quality of hotel business activities, so the design of hotel guest room is particularly important. Today, I'd like to introduce three basic principles of hotel room decoration: the principle of health and safety. Safety is always the most basic and important demand, so the design of hotel rooms must pay attention to safety, not only fire prevention, anti-theft and privacy protection, but also pay attention to the selection of sound insulation, illumination and air conditioning system, so that guests can enjoy the good living environment of the hotel in a safe and comfortable way. Principle of economic efficiency. Designers should pay attention to using less investment cost to achieve the decoration goal of hotel rooms, and must consider the efficiency of room space use and physical use in the decoration. Only by realizing the multi-functional and efficient use of the hotel room space, and making the best use of the physical decoration in the room, can the investment cost be reduced and the maximum benefit be obtained. Long term development principle. Today's society is changing with each passing day. Only by insisting on continuous development can hotels keep up with the market. Therefore, the hotel rooms can not remain the same, must be updated in time to meet the needs of people. Therefore, when decorating and purchasing room equipment, facilities, performances and supplies, the designer must fully consider the development needs of room products, and reserve enough space for the renewal of rooms.