Theme hotel decoration design: ingenious space design method

Number of Tours : 1226   Release time : 2020-05-22
In the decoration design of theme hotel, the layout of space should be designed reasonably according to different space use functions of different types of theme hotel. Then what are the space design skills in the decoration design of the theme hotel? Let's let Xiaobian show you something about it. First, the decoration design of the theme hotel lobby takes up a large space, which is the main space for customers to communicate and meet each other. Due to the complex activities, the main areas should be divided according to the main behavior characteristics of customers in the hotel hall, and the hotel walls and space modeling should be determined based on this to ensure a stable and safe behavior space. According to the space demand, the decoration model and materials of the hotel hall wall are determined. Theme hotel hall decoration style should be unified. On the local wall surface, the wood, stone, wall brick, textile fabric and other materials with rough surface texture can be used for key decoration, forming a contrast with the smoother wall surface, hanging works of art, paintings, reliefs and so on in the appropriate parts of the hotel hall to increase the appeal, so as to play the role of "finishing point". Second, the theme hotel bedroom wall design theme hotel room wall style to quiet, comfortable. Less use of concave and convex, ups and downs, the wall can choose paint, wallpaper, wallpaper and wood decorative board as decoration, to achieve warm and harmonious decorative effect. Adopt the simple and smooth wall or the simple and smooth design, and choose the white or light neutral color with high brightness to achieve the spacious and bright room space effect. The part of the room wall near the ground of the theme hotel can be made of wood decorative board or textile soft wrapped wall, which can not only beautify the wall, but also protect the wall and human behavior safety. Choose the antique cabinet with strong decorative materials, and highlight the cultural and artistic taste can be just right. Considering many factors such as the space environment, light and furniture style of the whole hotel, the surface materials should be unified with the hotel environment and should not be changed greatly. 3. The choice of curtain sound insulation equipment for theme hotel space design many consumers go to express hotel to experience comfortable and comfortable environment, so we can use curtain sound insulation to create private environment and comfortable environment. Cloth curtains have a very good sound-absorbing effect, with cotton and hemp as the best texture. The thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect. The high-quality roller blinds and blinds are close to the windows, and also have certain sound insulation function. The beehive curtain has a small independent space, and the sound absorption effect is also good. Fourth, the theme hotel space design color reasonable match in the theme hotel decoration design color should match reasonably, so as to highlight the whole hotel theme style. When customers enter the hotel attracted by the appearance of the theme hotel, the impact of color is more attractive than the appearance. Therefore, in the decoration design of the theme hotel, the hotel operators should never neglect the use and collocation of colors.