How to design the public space of the hotel?

Number of Tours : 1210   Release time : 2020-05-22
The public space of the hotel is more the exhibition of the hotel culture and the integration of humanity and nature. Follow the people-oriented design principle to create a comfortable living environment for customers. Under the premise of health, safety and comfort, the public space design of the hotel should be appropriately infused with personalized design features. Under the condition of highlighting the overall feeling of people, the hotel should realize the unity of the public space diversity, aesthetic feeling, humanity and other comprehensive factors. The public space of the hotel includes: hall, lobby, meeting room, multi-functional hall, restaurant, shopping mall, beauty, fitness, entertainment and other places for the use of passengers, which is an important part of the hotel space design. With the development of economy and the improvement of living standard, people's requirements for hotels have changed from simple pursuit of comfortable accommodation conditions to meet spiritual and psychological needs. This puts forward higher requirements for designers. Hotel entrance area is the "face" of the hotel, which embodies the important content of hotel culture and service. Different hotel entrance areas have different sizes, but they are the key points in design. It is necessary to give consideration to both beauty and function: it is convenient for passing, traffic flow, passenger flow, luggage in and out, wind and rain protection, and air escape reduction. A combination of hotel logo and store name text should be installed in a prominent location to show the unique cultural characteristics of the hotel. It should also facilitate the communication between indoor and outdoor, introduce the outdoor landscape into the foyer, and push the indoor atmosphere to the outdoor, especially the entrance lighting design at night has a strong identity. The hotel with conditions can be considered together with the design of square, parking lot, art cell, landscape, greening, flower pool, logo system, outdoor lighting and other systems. Hotel lobby is the first impression place for guests to enter the hotel. It is the necessary place for Check Inn Hotel. Most hotels regard it as the focal point of interior decoration. The essence of space, furniture, furnishings, greening, lighting, materials and so on is displayed in one hall, showing the elegant demeanor of the hotel. Hotel culture theme positioning and space style building are very important. In terms of functional layout, it should also be noted that the public activity area of the lobby is generally concentrated in the central area on the first floor of the hotel, and the service functions are relatively intensive. In terms of design, sufficient area should be reserved, and the dynamic and static areas such as reception area and leisure area should be divided. The flow of people and logistics design should be clear, and the design of relevant functions and locations should conform to the basic process of passenger staying in the hotel. There are many other public areas of the hotel, but they must follow a tenet, that is to integrate with the hotel culture theme. It's also very rewarding to add local characteristics and culture properly. The materials are mostly simple, comfortable, decent and strong sense of space, mainly close to nature, harmless to human body and new energy.