Nine design methods in boutique hotel design

Number of Tours : 116   Release time : 2020-05-22
We are in an unprecedented high-speed development era, and what changes are taking place in the decoration design of boutique hotels. Today, let's take a look at the new trend of the decoration design of boutique hotels. I. many boutique hotel projects in multi-functional lobby pay great attention to the first impression, which is created by the lobby at the entrance. With more and more frequent business trips, the lobby bar of boutique hotel has become an area where both leisure and formal negotiation can be conducted. In addition to providing sockets to power all kinds of business equipment, this means that sofas, tables, coffee, etc. cannot be omitted; it is particularly important to divide the space reasonably. While the lobby provides personal and social areas, it also needs to ensure the comfort and functionality of the furniture. 2. The broken classic combination is no longer the classic "bed table cabinet" combination. Now, guests expect different surprises from the rooms they stay in. In addition to providing more TV channels for business people, colors and decorations are used more than before to highlight their uniqueness. III. the spa experience in the toilet room toilet is no longer considered as an auxiliary space - it needs to be continuously reduced to expand other spaces. Modern people hope to have more fresh experience in the journey. The presidential suite bathroom in the resort Boutique Hotel attracts guests by enjoying the spa experience in the room. Fourthly, the concept of indoor and outdoor is becoming more and more vague, and the experience of scenery is very helpful to the development of boutique hotels. The designer tried to introduce the natural scenery into the room. Wood, stone decoration, Bush, indoor waterfall These are the use of the beauty of nature to ease the tension of guests. V. green environmental protection elements are favored by sustainable development, which has become a frequent topic in all walks of life, and boutique hotel industry is no exception. Super sized windows introduce natural light, use natural building materials, green ecological walls and ecological roofs, recyclable garbage cans and other details, which should be more and more popular in boutique hotels in the near future. 6. If we ignore the local elements, the injection design of local culture will become extremely boring and empty. Fortunately, more and more designers begin to pay attention to the local culture, no matter from small sculpture, photos or large-scale installation art. But it's not enough to only have subtle elements. It's the king to dig deep into culture. 7. Technology has never been fully covered. Now most boutique hotels will try their best to let technology into their rooms. With WiFi, it's no surprise that some new boutique hotels can adjust the room's lighting, air conditioning and curtains through mobile phones, which are undoubtedly good news for business people. VIII. Less patterns, more colors and more materials make people remember a boutique hotel, not necessarily a complicated pattern. Just like clothes, material selection and cutting techniques are sometimes more impressive. IX. the emergence of characteristic boutique hotels and theme rooms if you want to make guests have a long-term memory of the boutique hotels they stay in, it is true that a unique accommodation experience is very important. Theme rooms, capsule hotels and other boutique hotels that meet the needs of the market can achieve visual and sensory experience. At present, many people in the industry are optimistic about their development.