How to do the details of business hotel design well

Number of Tours : 114   Release time : 2020-05-22
The design of business hotel is a social science, which is very important to the construction and operation cost of Business Hotel, investment and operation success. Because some investors and designers do not pay attention to or understand the planning and design of Business Hotel, there are many problems in the design of business hotel. Before the design of Business Hotel, it is necessary to complete market research, business hotel location, business hotel positioning, business hotel scale and grade determination, project feasibility analysis, etc. Some investors did not do a good job in the early stage of the overall design, they directly started the design of the business hotel. Some investors decided to invest in the construction of new business hotels based on their perceptual knowledge of visiting several business hotels. The design unit did not involve in the initial stage of the preparation of business hotels. In the design of Business Hotel, the shorter the corridor, the larger the room area. Business hotel corridor should not be separated into two parts in the middle of the room. Fengshui thinks that the whole business hotel room is cut into two parts by a corridor, as if it is cut into a piece on the prosperous and angry gas field, which will destroy the diffusion of the prosperous business hotel room. In the decoration design of the guest room corridor of the business hotel, some small frames can be hung to clear the narrow and dull feeling of the corridor. One side of the corridor can also be made into a collection closet and bookcase to show the width of the corridor. If the height of the corridor ceiling is lower than that of the room ceiling, the room will be full of gall. On the contrary, when the ceiling of the business hotel room is lower than the corridor pressure, the room will appear serious depression. The design and layout of guest rooms in business hotels are in perfect order. The door is opposite to the corridor. It's not suitable to walk in the middle of the corridor. The business hotel corridor can be illuminated by simple lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp and picture lamp. Because the business hotel corridor does not have reading function, so the brightness does not need to be too high to produce good light and dark, light and shadow, showing the unique effect of the corridor's quiet and charming. The business quality of a business hotel is directly related to the appearance design. A good appearance design is the most effective, lasting and cheap advertisement. Only the most appropriate design is the foundation of the long-term development of a business hotel. The first step of the operation and development of a business hotel is how to play a good silent advertisement for the design, which is also a big test for the designer. Only the most appropriate and professional designer is the backbone of the future business hotel design. Some business hotels outside Jinyu have beautiful appearance, but the internal function planning, decoration and decoration design are in a mess. The design is very unprofessional, the practicability is very poor, and even less artistic. A very important reason is that the designer does not understand the needs of business hotel management and the functions of various facilities, does not start from the unique attributes of business hotel and consumer demand, but from the perspective of pure architectural art. Some of the design drawings are too imprudent and simple. For example, they do not attach great importance to the design of business hotel rooms, only as a simple combination of standard legends, and there is no further detailed supporting design for room furniture.