Spatial planning and layout of boutique hotel before decoration design

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When we carry out decoration design for interior space environment of boutique hotels, we must study specific problems rather than the overall or partial layout of the production. It should summarize the ideas in the three-dimensional space, so that it has the characteristics of simple and unadorned. It can be displayed by building decoration materials, and the shape, scale and direction of decoration materials , color and texture constitute a model. The research model stage is a cycle process of producing image, which is a process of gradually increasing specificity or concretization. If the conceptual model stage is mainly to express the designer's overall idea and preliminary architectural conception, then the research model stage is on this basis, focusing on the expression of many problems that should be solved in-depth conception. 1. In the research model stage, the task of the designer of the boutique hotel is to complete the following work: the reasonable layout of various use functions in the space, the traffic connection between each part, the reasonable organization of the space with different size and height, the good psychological feeling of the space volume, visual requirements, artistic effect and the determination of the form, etc. For the design of boutique hotels, only characteristic boutique hotels can attract more young people who pursue fashion personality. Therefore, the design should pay attention to personality and diversity. In the process of reflecting the characteristics, it should reasonably use regional culture and local people's customs to design. 2. In the early stage of boutique hotel design, we need to do a good job in spatial planning and layout before design. The design style, color matching and interior furnishings of interior space need to be considered clearly in the early stage of design, so as to achieve a certain design effect. Of course, the design also depends on the use of specific indoor functions of boutique hotels. A series of issues such as focusing on entertainment type boutique hotels or theme type boutique hotels need to be considered carefully. 3. In the process of boutique hotel design, the designer should pay attention to the interior environment design and atmosphere creation of Boutique Hotel, but in addition to these, the designer should also consider that in the process of design, some relevant application skills should be paid attention to, such as its lighting and background, etc., which need our attention in the design process Italy, only by making the problem comprehensive and perfect, can we build a more characteristic boutique hotel. In addition, the design of interior space environment of boutique hotels should also consider the design of details, as well as some overall problems. Through various mature production software, the design and production of interior space environment of boutique hotels has been far beyond the scope of engineering drawing. With the popularization of Internet, the use of network Remote design and file transfer can greatly facilitate the work of designers