Types and processing technology of wood floor in interior design

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Solid wood flooring, as the name suggests, is made of whole pieces of wood from the top to the bottom, which can be dyed and treated well, and can be easily reprocessed. As it is vulnerable to water and other moisture, the floor should be used for the first floor and above. There are many ways to cut wood flooring. Type of wood floor processing technology flat saw: This is the most common wood cutting method to get the most output. There are many kinds of grain on the flat sawn board. This is because the direction of the saw makes the growth ring of the tree more obvious, which adds a unique texture structure to the wood floor. Type of wood floor processing technology radial cutting: cutting along the wood center 60 to 90 degrees, the output is less than the flat saw. The parallel grain of radial cutting board is more. It can keep the dyeing and other surface treatment effect better, and create the wood floor with uniform texture. The type of wood floor processing technology radial down sawing: cutting along the center of wood 60 to 90 degrees, similar to radial cutting. The type of wood floor processing technology processing floor: by the opposite direction of growth of wood grain mosaic wood layer composition, processing floor generally has three layers, five layers and ten layers. In terms of specifications, it is more stable than solid wood flooring, and therefore more suitable for high flow areas. It can also be placed directly on the concrete floor. Processed flooring can be used in basements, kitchens, bedrooms and utility rooms. The type of wood flooring processing technology: acrylic filler flooring: acrylic acid into wood can form an extremely durable and hard surface treatment. This floor is used in restaurants and shopping centers, and sometimes in residential projects. Type of wood floor: end to end cut floor: it is made of wood cut perpendicular to the grain and adjusted according to specific specifications. The end cut floor is very durable and can be used in high density conditions. The wood grain exposed to the surface becomes a unique design element and can be dyed with various colors. End cut floor is widely used in residential buildings and warehouses.