The light distribution form and daylighting regulation of hotel design

Number of Tours : 1315   Release time : 2020-10-16
The hotel designs the form of natural lighting. In the maintenance structure of the building, various forms of moistening openings are set up, and various transparent materials, such as glass and frosted glass, are installed to form a certain form of lighting. According to the lighting form, it can be divided into side lighting and top lighting. The side lighting is a form of daylighting opening on the wall surface of the hotel interior, also known as the side window in the building. The form of side window is usually rectangular, which is characterized by simple structure, obvious directionality of light, and easy opening, anti lake, ventilation, heat insulation and other advantages. The side window is generally set at the height of M. Some larger hotel design will set the side window more than 2m, called high side window. From the uniformity of illuminance, the illuminance formed by rectangular daylight opening in hotel interior space is relatively uniform, and the contrast degree of indoor natural lighting in hotel has great influence. First of all, the location of the lighting entrance in the hotel will affect the lighting uniformity in the depth direction of the room. Generally, low windows are used. The illumination near the windows is very high, and the illumination in the hotel rooms far away from the windows will drop rapidly. On the contrary, if the position of daylighting portal is increased, the illumination near the window will decrease, but the illumination far away from the window will increase a lot, thus increasing the uniformity of illumination in the hotel room. Secondly, the width of the wall between windows will affect the uniformity of horizontal lighting. The wider the wall between windows is, the worse the uniformity of lighting is. If a long daylight opening is used, the uniformity of horizontal lighting will be greatly improved. Thirdly, the orientation of daylight entrance also has a great influence on the indoor lighting condition of the hotel. The South and east-west light portals have large amount of light, direct light, and the illumination is not stable. The North Light portal has small amount of light, but it is relatively stable. The top lighting is a form of setting the daylighting in the real structure of the building, which is what we usually call the skylight. The skylight generally includes rectangular skylight, horizontal skylight and well type skylight, i.e. skylight in atrium of hotel. The biggest characteristic of top lighting is that the amount of daylighting is evenly distributed, and there is no interference to the interior space of the adjacent hotel. It is often used in large hotel interior space.