How to master the color matching in hotel design?

Number of Tours : 133   Release time : 2020-11-06
As we all know, the choice and collocation of colors play an important role in hotel decoration design. Hotel decoration design should grasp people's psychology and make different color choices according to their different needs, so as to make the hotel closer to their hearts. In the hotel decoration design, orange and light yellow are the basic colors, which belong to warm colors. When people enter the room, they can feel warmth and pleasure. For us who are still immersed in the sorrow of leaving home, such color hotel room can make us have the illusion that we have not left home, and warm our lonely heart. If we are happy in the daytime, we can extend the time of happy mood when we come to the room designed by such a boutique hotel in the evening. However, some people are used to a peaceful life. If the color in the room is too gorgeous, it will make them not adapt. The cold colors such as gray and Brown have a certain sense of coldness, but the tranquility of the environment creates a space that people are accustomed to, rather than forced to make them feel at a loss when they come to a strange space. Hotel decoration design details: first of all, in the hotel design, the decoration design effect of boutique hotel should be more abundant, which can meet the needs of modern city entertainment consumption, and the design effect reflects the connotation of lifestyle. Because the hotel itself is an art creation, and our creation is usually a kind of activity higher than life, so it will be sought after by friends. Here, remind owners, in the design process, in addition to the details of the design, but also pay attention to the design of lifestyle. Secondly, in the hotel decoration design, we should design more life connotation for designers. Design and design must be able to communicate effectively with the designer at the design stage.