What are the factors that affect the hotel design?

Number of Tours : 134   Release time : 2020-11-06
Hotel design not only meets the natural environment and human environment of the place where it is located, but also meets the special needs of its main passenger flow. The interior of the hotel is not only the continuation of architectural design, but also the traditional mode of one bed, two cabinets and one table. It needs to be considered deeply by designers on the surrounding environment, spatial layout, color matching, light and shadow application, furniture furnishing, soft decoration and other aspects, and concludes that the combination of practicality and nature and art, and design is perfect, which brings convenience and comfort to users Suitable and unique use feeling. First, it is wise to choose color according to the space temperament. According to the temperament of hotel design space, it is wise to choose color matching. When designing hotel design, hotel designers should consider what kind of temperament the lobby should be; what atmosphere should Hotel corridors and public spaces create; what subtle differences are there between hotel suites and guest rooms. Hotel color design is very clever, it can change people's feelings without publicity, and can grasp the whole hotel color tone smoothly and without disorder. 2. The atmosphere is simple and has a good design style. Simplicity is a kind of beauty, also a state, a kind of wisdom, a taste. Hotel designers put forward the relaxed, natural, elegant life of hotel design concept. The interest and sincerity of life are fully integrated into nature, so that customers can feel it and be quiet. The hotel furniture design is simple, permanent and elegant, not under the trend or bound by tradition. The whole hotel design who combines the artistic sense and practicability perfectly, transmits the high-quality life breath with the taste. Follow master style design, carry out simple classic to the end! Hotel design is characterized by contrast color and simple color combination. Changing two contrast colors can change the color style of the room according to the needs. The hotel design style emphasizes function and space organization, pays attention to the formal beauty of structure, simple shape, opposes redundant decoration, advocates reasonable construction technology, respects material performance, pays attention to material quality and color configuration effect, and develops non-traditional asymmetric composition method based on functional layout. Third, the design of the mind induction is out of the customs. What kind of boutique hotel design can get telepathy? Not all hotels with close sleep are high-end hotels. But hotels without emotional marketing are failing. So how can high-end hotel design be unconventional and also win the consumers' hearts? Attention to telepathy needs to give the hotel design soul, and strong boutique hotel design concept as support. Therefore, the design of Boutique Hotel attaches great importance to the personal taste and design foundation of designers.