Key points of hotel lighting design

Number of Tours : 181   Release time : 2020-12-26
Spotlight is a kind of spotlight, with outstanding focus elements, can achieve irresistible visual art effect. So the operation rate of modern hotel design is higher and higher, but in reality, spotlight is not suitable for office lighting. First of all, as an occasion, the lighting should be general, but the focusing result of spotlight is obviously not satisfied with this; second, the spotlight is too dazzling, which is easy to affect the customer's vision. The lighting circuit design in the exhibition hall is like that in the hotel, but it can't be controlled in the room. It should be controlled in the front desk or power distribution room as a whole, so that the switch of the shop assistant can be installed on the scale, which is conducive to solving the hidden trouble that cannot be avoided. In order to seek the overall warmth, many customers take the popular incandescent lamp which may frosting as the main light source, and think that it can achieve the warm and luxurious visual effect, which is a kind of defective hotel lighting design gist. Compared with fluorescent lamp or light-emitting diode light source, the popular incandescent lamp has more power, which easily leads to the waste of electric energy. At the same time, incandescent lamps have more potential than fluorescent lamps or LED lamps and are easier to heat up.