Do you know the style of hotel decoration?

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Hotel decoration refers to the use of furnishings, furniture and other items to decorate and dress up the living environment. The word decoration can be understood as a category of art, such as decorative patterns, decorative patterns, architectural decoration; it can also be regarded as an artistic technique and skill, such as calligraphy and painting mounting, interior decoration, etc. Hotel decoration is divided into many styles, do you know what they have? 1. Retro style: when people constantly meet the requirements of modern life, they sprout a yearning for tradition, nostalgia for ancient jewelry, and cherish the traditional furniture with artistic value. As a result, Baroque and Rococo style furniture with beautiful curves and flowing lines are often used as furnishings of the room, and then matched with decorative fabrics such as wallpaper, curtain, carpet and furniture cover with the same style, adding a dignified and elegant noble atmosphere to the room. 2. Western classical style: it is a kind of classical style pursuing magnificence and elegance. The main color of the room is white. The furniture is of classical bent leg style, and the furniture, doors and windows are painted white. Good at using all kinds of flower decorations, rich wood line changes, and rich curtains are the fixed patterns of western traditional interior decoration. The space environment shows a gorgeous, rich and romantic atmosphere. 3. Western modern style is characterized by brevity and lightness. It attaches importance to the use efficiency of indoor space, emphasizes that the indoor layout should be carried out according to the principle of functional differentiation, the furniture layout should be closely coordinated with the space, and advocates abandoning redundant and cumbersome additional decoration. In addition, decorative color and shape follow the fashion. 4. Japanese style space modeling is simple, furniture furnishings take the tea table as the center, wooden components are used on the wall as the grid geometry, and the fine square wooden sliding doors and windows echo, the space atmosphere is simple, elegant and soft. 5. The mixed style (Chinese and Western style) not only emphasizes modern and practical in space structure, but also absorbs traditional characteristics, and integrates Chinese and western in decoration and furnishings. Such as the traditional screen, tea table, modern style wall painting and door and window decoration, new sofa, make people feel not stick to one pattern. People with different personalities, cultures, ages and occupations have different living environment styles and personality requirements. The creation of home environment style must be combined with their own personality requirements for selection and positioning. 6. Tranquil idyllic style tranquil idyllic style indulges in the afternoon Flower Shadow rattan wind. European idyllic style: it focuses on the expression of nature, but different idyllic has different nature, which also leads to a variety of furniture styles: Chinese style, European style, and even South Asian idyllic style, each with its own characteristics and beauty. 7. Mediterranean style Mediterranean style enjoy the freshness of blue sea and blue sky. Mediterranean style has unique aesthetic characteristics. Generally choose natural soft color, pay attention to space collocation in combination design, make full use of every inch of space, set decoration and application in one, avoid trivial in combination collocation, appear generous and natural, exude ancient and noble pastoral flavor and cultural taste. 8. The urban style has entered the 21st century. The housing reform and the emergence of many young first-time home buyers have injected impetus into the emergence of this style. Young people have just bought a house, many of them are cash strapped. At this time, the real estate is basically based on rough houses (a style without basic decoration). These young people were forced to carry out the renovation revolution. Limited by financial resources, people began to emphasize the appearance of "decoration" through a variety of forms, of which a large number of bright colors are a typical example. People will use a variety of colors in the home, sometimes even in the same space, using three or more colors. For more details, hotel preparation, hotel design, hotel decoration, Shangan group: