Which style of hotel decoration is more popular?

Number of Tours : 134   Release time : 2021-03-29
Which style of hotel decoration is more popular at present? I believe this is the common concern of many hotel investors. Now, compared with the past, the decoration has undergone earth shaking changes. Now consumers can decide which hotel to choose by online OTA and comparing 30 hotels, With the continuous development of the hotel industry, boutique hotel is the product of the times in recent years. I don't think there is a fixed answer about which style of hotel decoration is more popular. If someone tells you one day that there is a style suitable for all boutique hotels, it must be a hoax. The hotel is the product of the market first, followed by the designer's works. The success of hotel decoration on the one hand depends on the construction, on the other hand depends on the design. Hotel decoration should be based on the market environment, location, competitors and the property conditions of the hotel itself to determine the style, configuration and proportion of room type. This logic is often not understood by many design companies, which is also one of the reasons for the loss of early hotels. Hotel decoration style to determine the first consideration is the positioning of the hotel, that is, according to the theme function of the hotel to determine the decoration style. For example: Boutique Hotel focuses on boutique, and its style should not be too casual or simple. Resort hotels need to focus on leisure charm. &When designing a hotel, we should also focus on the target customers. Only when most customers are satisfied with the decoration style can the hotel be recognized and favored. The customer groups of Hotels with different positioning are different. Only by grasping the aesthetic commonness of the main customer groups can we choose the decoration style recognized by most customers. As a company specializing in hotel decoration, the design of the hotel generally has three advantages. The first is good positioning, the second is high profit, and the third is easy operation. The style of boutique hotel decoration can only be analyzed according to the specific situation, because in principle, two Hotels with the same style cannot appear in the same business circle. For more details, Henan Shangan Decoration Engineering Management Group Co., Ltd., hotel preparation, hotel design, hotel decoration, Shangan group: www.xn--3bs54jtny17p.com