On the difference between hard and soft decoration in hotel design of Henan Shangan group

Number of Tours : 679   Release time : 2021-05-31
Hotel decoration can be divided into soft decoration and hard decoration. Many people don't know what soft decoration and hard decoration mean and what are the differences. Today, we will popularize the concept of hard decoration and soft decoration in hotel design and their differences. Hard decoration refers to the fixed and immovable decorations in interior decoration. In addition to the infrastructure that must be met, in order to meet the needs of the structure, layout, function and aesthetics of the house, all the decorations added on the surface or inside of the building also include colors, which are immovable in principle. Hard decoration mainly includes wire, water pipe, partition, ceiling, door, floor, ceramic tile, wall coating, sanitary ware, kitchenware, lamps and so on, inactive things. Soft decoration refers to soft decoration. Compared with the traditional "hard decoration" interior decoration form. That is, after the completion of the decoration in the room, the use of replaceable, renewable cloth, curtains, green plants, iron, hanging paintings, tapestries and other secondary decoration. The products involved include lighting, curtains, carpets, hanging paintings, flower art, etc. Soft decoration design is a new industry, that is, all movable elements in commercial space and residential space are collectively referred to as soft decoration. In fact, it can be understood in this way that "hard clothes" are similar to people's body bones. After they grow and take shape, it is difficult to change them. They need to be beautified by the acquired "soft clothes". In fact, the modern sense of "soft decoration" can not be separated from the "hard decoration", people put the "hard decoration" and "soft decoration" design rigid separation, largely because of the difference between the two in the construction, but in the application, both are to enrich the conceptual space, make the space alienation, to meet the needs of the home, show the personality of people. For more details, Henan Shangan Decoration Engineering Management Group Co., Ltd., hotel preparation, hotel design, hotel decoration, Shangan group: www.xn--3bs54jtny17p.com