New ideas and matters needing attention in hotel preparation period

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The birth of a new hotel needs to go through two stages: the early construction and the late preparation of the hotel. The success of the hotel after opening mainly depends on these two aspects of work before opening. Comparatively speaking, the preparatory work is much easier than the construction work. Hotel preparation seems complicated. In fact, it's not difficult for people who have really done this work. To sum up, it's recruitment and procurement. If you recruit the right people and time, all the work will be solved. So let's put aside the procurement, and talk about the new ideas and methods of recruitment and management decision-making in the early preparation. In Chinese hotels, the owners often take the hard work of infrastructure construction in the early stage into their own arms. "A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger". Therefore, how many Chinese hotels have been harmed by these self righteous and ignorant layman owners? In the later stage of hotel preparation, the owners often think that the mystery is endless, Entrusted to Chinese and foreign hotel management companies or professional managers, some of the so-called management experts try to make a very simple job very complicated, which costs time, money and little effect. One of the reasons is that the management team is deliberately looking for work to kill the preparation time, so that the owners can see their hard work and talents from the beginning to the end of the preparation stage. Another reason is that the management team is really not good enough and blindly competes to imitate other hotel preparations. They dare not innovate at will, so they can not jump out of the previous consistent operation mode. In the past, the author was used to challenge the old routine in the preparation of nearly ten high star hotels, and insisted on the road of reform and innovation, which not only greatly saved the capital and energy investment of the owners in the preparation period of the hotel, but also complied with the wishes of all employees participating in the preparation, and achieved good results with half the effort. There are few people who really understand the hotel engineering construction. Because the hotel designers are not professional and the construction management personnel are laymen, they often bring fatal injury to the future operation and management. Therefore, if the general manager or the engineering manager is really familiar with and understands the hotel construction knowledge, they need to be included in the hotel management contract discussed with the owner, The early intervention in the early stage of the project as the main provisions of the content, as far as possible to avoid trouble in future management. In other words, is it the owners' wishful thinking to bring in the general manager or the engineering manager of the hotel as an engineering expert as a consultant, or do these general managers and engineering managers volunteer to work for fear that the owners will find themselves laymen? The vast majority of hotel management teams don't know Hotel engineering, but they are fat, Talking about the project and directing blindly, the result is that many major events in the project have been delayed. It's really sad. The author reminds the people of the hotel that if they don't understand, they just don't understand. Don't spread false information to mislead people. In the case that hotel owners do not need management companies or professional managers to consult hotel engineering construction, the better time for hotel management team to enter the preparatory work is five months before opening. Many of our owners are laymen in hotel management and don't grasp the progress of project construction. Therefore, they often invite the management team in early, one year in advance, some two years or even three years in advance. Can the hotel make money if these unnecessary expenses are spread to the future operation? For more details, Henan Shangan Decoration Engineering Management Group Co., Ltd., hotel preparation, hotel design, hotel decoration, Shangan group: