Decoration requirements and design points of unique hotels

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Although there are many hotels in the market, building a unique hotel can bring good reputation and improve sales. When designing a unique hotel, you should pay attention to the following design points. Let's have a look with Xiaobian. 1. Design highlights after so many years of development, the hotel market has a lot of homogeneous products. For many new hotels and old store renovation and upgrading projects, it is particularly critical to create a unique hotel with characteristics. Through the unique highlights designed, it is different from other local hotels and forms a unique logo, so that passengers are more inclined to choose our hotel for check-in. In terms of design highlights, for example, we can design a reasonable house size by learning from the unique local elements and the consumption habits of local people; For example, the culture we will mention in point 3 is also one of them. 2. Give culture   culture is a spiritual perception, which can bring the feeling of artistic conception to consumers, make consumers love our hotel and stay again. The cultural expression points in the design include architectural culture, service culture, management culture and product culture. Therefore, a hotel with cultural connotation needs to inject cultural elements "from outside to inside". 3. Design starting point a hotel work should be market-oriented and serve guests. The degree of guest satisfaction and the number of guests directly determine the speed of hotel profitability. Therefore, when the hotel decoration design focuses on these, the occupancy rate and brand image of the hotel will exceed the expectations of the owner. 4. The overall design needs to recognize that the hotel decoration design is a set of systematic and needs overall planning before starting the interior design work, rather than drawing drawings for you directly. General hotel pre planning includes market research, hotel site selection, hotel positioning, determination of hotel grade and scale, feasibility analysis of hotel project, etc. This work is the first and more important item of hotel decoration design, which can not be ignored. For more details, Henan Shangan Decoration Engineering Management Group Co., Ltd., hotel preparation, hotel design, hotel decoration, Shangan group: