For the contracting problems in hotel decoration, see bidding and demolition

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Common problems about hotel decoration: our company is in charge of the construction of a hotel decoration. Party A orally informed our company to make adjustments and changes to some engineering materials some time ago. Therefore, our company submitted a work contact sheet on the adjustment and change of engineering materials to Party A, but Party A refused to sign the work contact sheet, but only urged our company to hurry up the construction, And tell us that the adjustment and change of engineering materials will be settled together after the completion of the plant project. What should my company do? Party A's refusal to sign the work contact list for adjustment and change of engineering materials is mainly to avoid the possible extension of construction period, increase of cost and price adjustment during engineering construction. If your company does not submit the work contact list for Party A to sign, the adjustment and change of engineering materials orally notified by Party A during the construction process may not be recognized by Party A in the subsequent project completion settlement because there is no written certificate. If your company submits materials in person and Party A refuses to sign for them, you can send them by express mail, indicate the content of the materials sent in the column of "internal product name" of the express, inquire at the post office on time and obtain the voucher for the express signed by the other party, or inquire and print the express receipt voucher on the relevant website, keep the above voucher and keep the sending voucher Expense invoices, etc. these evidences are sufficient to prove the fact that the other party signs for them. For particularly important materials, your company can also send them by registered notarization. For more details, Henan Shangan Decoration Engineering Management Group Co., Ltd., hotel preparation, hotel design, hotel decoration, Shangan group: